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Restorative Cleaning Service

Our eleven steps that ensure you get quality service.
  1. Pre-Inspection - Our service technician will inspect your areas of concern while making note of any permanent staining etc.
  2. Furniture Moving - Furniture will be carefully moved, depending on size. Larger pieces (i.e. entertainment centers and computer desks) are left in place. All furniture is protected with disposable blocks and tabs. Dusting of baseboards and the backs of moved furniture is standard.
  3. Commercial Pre-Vacuum - Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove dry dirt.
  4. Pre-Condition & Pre-Spot - The carpet is sprayed with special cleaning compounds specially designed for your carpet & soil condition.
  5. Pre-Groom - The pre-spray is then worked into the fiber using either a hand rake or a rotary scrubber depending on what the conditions are.
  6. Rinse & Extract - Once the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art steaming water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet. Water pressure is regulated so the carpet does nt become over wet.
  7. Post Spot Treatment - If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, special spot treatment techniques are used.
  8. Protectant Application – Because all major carpet manufacturers recommend that a stain protectant be applied after every cleaning, you will be asked if you would like a protectant applied after the cleaning process. In most cases not applying a protectant can void the warranty. We carry three brands of protectant and our technicians will discuss what product is best for your needs.
  9. Speed Dry – When needed, high velocity air movers are placed on the carpet to speed up drying time when multiple rooms are cleaned.
  10. Post Grooming - The carpet pile is set in one direction (using a carpet rake) for faster drying and greater visual appeal. All furniture placed on wet carpet will be set on disposable blocks or tabs to prevent staining, rusting or water damage to the carpet and/or furniture.
  11. Post Inspection - We ask that you walk through your home with our technician to inspect our work and let us know of any concerns. Let us know that you are pleased by signing our service report!